Listening to the music of the BMYC

While it is always best to hear the BMYC at a live concert there are a number of different ways you can listen to the BMYC when you aren't at a concert.

Back in the early days of the hymn book, Hymns and Psalms the BMYC were asked to record a number of the hymns found within the book for a cassette recording.  These can be hard to come by now and the BMYC no longer has any copies available though they do appear every now and again on on-line shops such as ebay.

Ashley Thompson, a founding member of the choir and the choir's previous musical director wrote a musical called "Looking On..."  Ashley asked the choir to be the chorus of a recording he then made of the musical.  A sample of which can be head here:


'All You Say' from 'Looking On...'

Unfortunately there are no longer any physical copies of the album currently available but occasionally old copies of both the tape and CD versions can be found online at websites such as ebay.

In 2004 recording was completed on the first BMYC CD which was produced by the choir, "A New Dawn".  This CD contained traditional text set to new music composed by Ashley, Andrew Hornsby and Neil Thompson.  You can hear samples on this website by following this link or at the bottom of this page.  The music is also available to stream from Spotify or download from iTunes and Amazon MP3.  You can also buy a physical CD from the choir by following this link.

In 2007 the choir celebrated its silver anniversary, 25 years of the choirs mission in song as well as 200 years since the founding of Primitive Methodism and 300 years since the birth of Charles Wesley.  To celebrate these anniversaries the choir joined with the National Methodist Youth Brass Band (NMYBB) to perform a concert in Stoke-On-Trent at the Queen's Theatre.  A Recording, called "A Celebration of Methodist Praise" was made of the concert and an edited version is available on DVD.  The choir still has the last few remaining copies for sale and you can buy a copy from this website.

In 2011 the choir made a new recording at the Peachcroft Christian Centre in Abingdon, again using traditional words set to original compositions by Heidi Cottrell, the choir's current Musical Director.  This new album, called, "As You Go" is also available to sample by following this link or at the bottom of this page, and can be streamed on Spotify by using this link.  Again it can be downloaded from iTunes and Amazon MP3 or you can buy a physical copy from this website here.

Enjoy the choir's "Mission in Song"





A New Dawn


As You Go