The Gallery

Want to see what the choir gets up to or just reminisce about concerts and choir events of the past then you can by having a look at the choir's photo gallery.  This page which can be accessed from the top of the web page of via this link >>> Gallery

Most of the choir's concerts and events from the year 2000 onwards can be found on this page which has been arranged by year.  Use the page links at the bottom of the page to select which year you would like to look at and then on the thumbnail to select the photo set, which will change automatically, or you can use the left and right arrows to manually scroll.

You can also look for a specific set of photographs by using the web site's search functionality.  You can use the search box at the top of the page or follow the following link to access the search page directly >>> Search.

If you have any additional photographs either from before 2000 or in addition to other concerts since and you are happy for them to be displayed on this website please contact us by following the following link and we can arrange for the photographs to be transferred.  >>> Contact Us.