Follow BMYC with RSS

Did you know you can follow BMYC news items using our RSS feed.  Our RSS feed is a format that allows numerous applications to track what is being posted to the BMYC website and keep you up to date.

You can access the BMYC RSS feed at any time by selecting the RSS icon  in the "Our Social Profiles" section at the bottom right of the website page.

By copying the web address from the rss page or copying it directly from here:

and then pasting it into your favourite reader then you will be kept up-to-date with the BMYC news.

There are many RSS readers out there including common software such as Outlook and Thunderbird there are also a number of plugins for your favourite browsers.  You can also access RSS contents from a number of websites designed for this purpose, and one of the more popular is feedly.  You can access the feedly feed directly from here.