A Mission in Song

Methodist LogoSacred or Secular, BMYC sings the words with feeling and passion. Concerts are often joyful or moving.

Who are we?

Sample icon 2 The choir is made up of 16 to 27 year
old Christians, but not exclusively Methodists.

What do we do?

Sample icon 3BMYC travels around the UK visiting Methodist Churches performing concerts and contributing to services. 

Updated Website

A new website has been launched for the BMYC, this brings a number of new features:

  • A more modern feel to the website
  • It is easier to navigate on a mobile/smart phone
  • It has all the same features as the old web site.
  • Uses the latest web technologies to be more secure
  • The Twitter feed is working again.

There are still a few things to fix, which will be happening over the next few weeks

  • The website will be moving at a HTTPS server, which is the way the web is going and will give you the confidence that when you are using the website your data is secure.  When this has happened you should see a little padlock on your web browser bar. - Completed 26 Mar 2016 (if you have the site booked marked you may want to change the address to https://www.bmyc.info to prevent the server having to switch from http to https
  • The audio samples will be accessible from Spotify - Completed 07 Mar 2016
  • The current SHOP for physical CDs and DVDs is currently quite simple, this will be made more automatic shortly - Done
  • Some of the very old news items still have broken links and images, these will be fixed in the coming weeks as time allows. - Completed 23 Mar 2016
  • The mobile version of the website needs a little tidying up of the template - Done
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O God, make the door of this house wide enough for all who need human love.

- Thomas Ken, 1637-1711

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