Brampton Concert Cancelled


Unfortunately after a lot of thought and prayer it has been decided to cancel the Brampton concert on the weekend of the 20th April.

Due to current choir numbers who are able to make the concert it will not be fair on those that can go or the host church to continue with the concert at this time, we will hopefully come at some point in the future


While it is sad that we are cancelling this concert hopefully it will be a one off occurrence. The choir is hosting a Taster weekend on the weekend of the 5th - 7th July in London, please get the message out to your church, circuit and district about this event which is open to 14 - 27 year olds and if you are not aged 14-27 please pass this message onto anyone who is and could be interested. We are covering the costs of everyone who tries us out that weekend.

We are also hopefully going to have a stall at Greenbelt as well as Methodist Youth Conference and Methsoc Conference. If you know of any more we should be involved with please let the choir know.

Lets use 2013 to build on what is great about BMYC to take the choir forward into the next 30 years and beyond.

So please hold the choir in your prayers and think what you can do over the next few months to help the choir grow.