Supporting the Choir

Thank You for considering supporting the choir. In this part of the website we are not just talking about supporting the choir financially, though that will always find a use in the choir, but in other ways as well.

You can support the choir in a number of ways:

Some of these you can do straight away, others are going to be added to the website in the coming months


The choir is a not for profit organisation and will use all donations and profits from sales to support the choir through purchasing of music and uniform, covering the cost of travel to concerts, covering administration costs such as paying for hosting of this web site & recruitment activities plus many more.

If you would like to directly support the choir through donations you can donate directly via credit/debit card using Pay-Pal sending the money to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and remember to say you are a friend of the choir to avoid any additional fees

Buying CDs and DVDs possibly the most enjoyable way of donating to the choir, the CD "A New Dawn" raises approximately £10 for the choir for everyone sold and the DVD "A Celebration of Methodist Praise" about £5.

The other CD sold on the website, "Looking on" features the BMYC but all profits go to Ashley Thompson, a previous member and musical director of the choir, who composed the music and published the CD.

Through Prayer

We are a Christian organisation and appreciate any prayers for the choir and its "Mission in Song". Currently giving the option to post prayers for the choir is been looked into and will hopefully be implemented when time and anti-spam measures allow.

Raising Awareness

The British Methodist Youth Choir though been in existence for 25 years has always had a low profile in the British Methodist Church with the exception of the churches we have performed at.

This has not helped over the years in attempts to recruit members into the choir or having a wide selection across the entire country of churches to choose from to perform at. Recent feedback was that one church did not know we existed until they found this web site.

Using this section of the web site you can find downloadable publicity material and information on the choir and if you could please circulate this to members of your church, circuit and district in particular any churches with 16-27 age population. Please also feel free to publish any BMYC material in newsletters and notices (please say where you got the information from through).

Together we will help advance the choir's "Mission in Song"

Recruiting Members

One of the choirs perennial problems is recruiting new members to the choir. We are a small choir about 20 members so when some one leaves because of other commitments or they are over 27 the choir feels it.

Youth work in the Methodist Church has reduced over the years and organisations like the BMYC are some of only a few left running national youth activities.

The BMYC needs new members to survive, in this section you will find downloadable information to share in your church, youth group, circuit and district. Please if you know any one aged 16 - 27 or nearly 16 and who are enthusiastic for music please pass this information to them and encourage them to join the choir. The first weekend is always free of charge.