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Health and Safety Policy

The British Methodist Youth Choir (BMYC) is committed to achieving the highest standards of health and safety, and to ensuring, as far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of choir members, and others who may be affected by the Choir’s operations. 

The BMYC Committee has overall and final responsibility for the health and safety of all involved in or with the organisation.  The Choir Administrator, currently Kevin Soulsby, has specific responsibility for health and safety matters.  When the Choir Administrator is not available at an event, a deputy will be identified, and the name of this individual shared with all those attending the event, as well as the host organisation, prior to the BMYC event.

The BMYC commitments to a choir members health and safety commence when they are either collected from any form of public transport at the BMYC event location (i.e. train station, bus station or airport) or when they arrive at the BMYC event location if traveling by private transport (i.e. a private car).  The commitments to a choir members health and safety end after a BMYC event, when they are delivered to any form of public transport at the BMYC event location (i.e. train station, bus station or airport) or when they depart the BMYC event location if traveling by private transport (i.e. a private car).

As BMYC events take place in premises managed by other organisations, a copy of the health and safety policy for each host organisation will be obtained and any items which need clarification will be addressed with a representative of the host organisation. 

In support of this policy, the British Methodist Youth Choir will: 

  1. Seek the active involvement of all choir members in maintaining high standards of health and safety by maintaining systems to enable communication of issues to the person responsible, and by empowering them to take responsibility for their own well being and that of the other choir members.
  2. Take steps to identify, assess and control any hazards, actual or potential, that present an unacceptable risk to choir members. 
  3. Ensure that all activities carried out within BMYC are performed by persons competent to carry out these activities or persons under appropriate and competent supervision.
  4. Prepare and implement arrangements to deal with health and safety concerns, accidents and serious emergencies. 
  5. Engage with other parties involved, particularly host organisations, to ensure that an acceptable level of safety is understood, agreed and achieved. 
  6. Provide accurate documentation to support the maintenance of good health and safety standards in BMYC.
  7. Maintain a confidential medical file for all choir members to be presented to health care individuals as required. 

This policy is subject to annual review, revision where appropriate and reauthorisation by the BMYC Committee.

Last Updated on the 06 May 2016

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