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Copyright and Disclaimer


All material contained on the British Methodist Youth Choir website (BMYC) is covered by UK and International Copyright laws.

All material produced by the British Methodist Youth Choir is copyright to the British Methodist Youth Choir. All requests and queries in regard to the use of material should be made to the Choir Administrator

Text on this website can be used for non-commercial purposes by churches and individuals without need for additional copyright permission. In these cases the origin of the text must be included with the material along with a link back to BMYC Website -  www.bmyc.info .

Where copyright for text on this website belongs to a third party this will be stated alongside the text. Permission to use the material should then be requested directly from the third party.

All audio, video and image media on this website must not be used without prior permission. Contact the Choir Administrator with requests.


Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information on this website. However the British Methodist Youth Choir cannot be held liable for any loss or damages resulting from any inaccuracies or misinformation that may inadvertently be published here.

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Last Updated on the 06 May 2016