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Day 3 - Concert in Camborne Methodist Church

BMYC perform at Camborn Methodist Church on the 10th July 2009

A short practice today to allow the choir to enjoy an afternoon at Marazion and St Michael's Mount on the south coast of Cornwall. The day started well again with glorious sunshine but as we approached Marazion the storm clouds started forming. That didn't stop the choir enjoying one of the best Cornish pasties in the entire of Cornwall (and be warned medium is the largest that they do).

We made it half way to the mount before the rain started, just enough time for a quick snap: 

Members of the bmyc half way to the St Michael's Mount


On the way back from the Mount the heavens did finally open and while some decided to seek shelter the rest went for a hot drink back in a tea-shop in Marazion


Before heading back to Camborne to prepare for the concert. 

The concert that evening was well received and the following was some feedback from a member of the audience.

"Can we take this opportunity of thanking you all once again for the wonderful concert which you gave us! There have been such positive comments...still being made!! People were particularly struck by the extremely high standard of the choir and the excellent range of material which you presented but more than that, by your Christian commitment which shone through the music and touched and uplifted people in a very special way ! Thank you!!

It was a real joy to have you amongst us and to get to know you for just a very short space of time. We wish you all the very best for the future and pray that you will continue to be blessed and be a blessing to others, in all that you do. God bless you all"