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Day 4 - Launceston Methodist Church

Last concert of the tour, hopefully everyone knows the music know ;-) So we head of to Truro for morning and lunch. For those that have been to Truro you will know there is a magnificent cathedral there which can been seen for miles. 

On the way from Truro to Launceston we had one extra piece of excitement a car burning of the side of the road, thankfully there were know injuries but I'm sure someone won't be enjoying their holiday.

Unfortunatly the British summer was living up to its usual reputation and the weather wasn't as good as it could have been so to warm

up the choir went off for another cup of tea.

That evening there was a good number considering we were competing against a local choir and band at different locations in Launceston.

After one final night being hosted the choir finished off by supporting the worship the next morning before going on there way after a good, if slightly damp week.