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First of the new Friends of BMYC Newsletters

Download the first edition of the Friends of BMYC Newsletter from the MCMS Notes magazine 2009.1

Back in 2001 the BMYC was looking for a new way of keeping in contact with its past members and those who has supported the choir since its creation in 1984. In answer to this the Friends of BMYC newsletter was produced free to all who signed up for it to share reports of past concerts, news of upcoming concerts as well as any relevant news about the choirs current or past members.

It was initially edited by Naomi Whittaker is was produced and posted to all Friends twice a year.

By 2005 the newsletter was becoming a victim of its own success with the number of people on the mailing list the cost of printing and posting combined with the time taken to address and stuff all the envelopes becoming too much. With Naomi standing down in 2004 the choir were able only to produce one more newsletter in 2005 before the project was parked until more resource or a different way forward was proposed.

That new idea came in 2008 when discussions about making regular contributions to the MCMS Notes magazine became the proposal of running the newsletter through the magazine. This had the advantages of eliminating the need for us to print and post the newsletter at a cost which was comparable to that we paid in the past, while also reaching other members of the British Methodist Church who we hadn't in the past.

Now under our new editor Karen Edmondson the third edition of the newsletter will be published by MCMS / ArtServe in the next few weeks.

It is the choir intention to publish copies of the BMYC pages on this website sometime after the paper copies of NOTES has been published. It is in this spirit that the first issue of the Friends of BMYC Newsletter published in Notes is now available below

icon Notes Issue 1 - January 2009 (1.41 MB)

But of course if you want the most up to date copy of the newsletter become a Friend