A Mission in Song

Methodist LogoSacred or Secular, BMYC sings the words with feeling and passion. Concerts are often joyful or moving.

Who are we?

Sample icon 2 The choir is made up of 16 to 27 year
old Christians, but not exclusively Methodists.

What do we do?

Sample icon 3BMYC travels around the UK visiting Methodist Churches performing concerts and contributing to services. 

Hosting the British Methodist Youth Choir

The BMYC is always looking for new churches and venues to host the choir.  If you are interested please contact us using this form.

Traditionally the choir is hosted by a local Methodist Church but please don't let that stop any other denominations or organisations from contacting us, we are always looking to sing at any venue and have done so including Methodist Conference, Breakout, MAYC events and other church denominations.

After you have contacted us you will receive our guidance on how a church would work with the choir.  We only send these out once someone has expressed an interest in hosting the choir for safeguarding purposes.

In summary though a church hosting the choir will be asked to provide rehearsal space on a Friday night and Saturday day as well as concert space on the Saturday evening.  The choir will also support any services you may have on a Sunday morning.  The church will organise accommodation for choir members over the weekend either at the church or hosted with church members.  The church will organise food throughout the weekend, (breakfasts are excluded if provided by hosts).  The church will normally organise any publicity for the concert but the choir can assist in this area by provide images and art work.  Concerts can be funded by tickets or donations and the choir asks that these funds be initially used to support the choirs costs of putting on the concert along with the church's costs for hosting the concert before any is used for other purposes.

By hosting the choir you will meet and hear a group of enthusiastic Christians sharing their "Mission in Song"  We hope you will consider hosting us and if you do or would just like more information please contact us via the website. 

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O God, make the door of this house wide enough for all who need human love.

- Thomas Ken, 1637-1711

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