About BMYC...

Who and what is the BMYC?

What do we do?

BMYC travels around the UK visiting Methodist Churches performing concerts and contributing to services. The choir is made up of 14 to 30-year-old Christians, but not exclusively Methodists.

How often do we meet?

BMYC meets for 2-3 weekends a year, each time in a different location. We generally arrive on Friday evening and leave Sunday lunchtime.

Rayleigh Methodist church where the BMYC performed in May 2008

 Where do we stay?

Most weekends we stay with host families in small groups. Occasionally we have to sleep on the church floor on lilos which gives the weekend a party feel! 

How much does it cost?

There is a nominal cost for the weekend based on your personnel circumstances, but accommodation is free, food is provided and travel expenses are refunded—it is cheaper than staying at home! Plus your first weekend is free so why not come along and see for yourselves? 

Do I have to audition?BMYC Music

BMYC is a non-auditioning choir but members do generally have some singing experience. Sight-singing is a bonus but enthusiasm is more important. 

How many members are there?

We currently have around 30 regular members, although only 15-20 typically attend any one weekend.

The British Methodist Youth Choir (BMYC) Rehearsing

 A Mission in Song

Although not all the music we sing is sacred, it is great to be in a choir where you meet like-minded people who sing the words with feeling and passion. Performances are often very joyful or moving.

What kind of music do you sing?

A whole variety from madrigals to new arrangements written specially for the choir. An example of pieces from the last concert programme include:

The Lord’s Prayer - A. Thompson (previous musical director)

If ye love me—T. Tallis

The Blue Bird - C. V. Stanford

Lennon & McCartney Medley

Blue Moon—R Rodgers

O Jesus I have promised—H Cottrell (current musical director)


BMYC cakes - perfect for methodist youth

Friday Evening - I arrived

in a bit of a rush but it was great to see everyone again. After a jacket potato and some cake I was ready to sing through a couple of songs, including a new arrangement written by the musical director. We met our host families who were really friendly and went straight to sleep.Organising the music for a BMYC concert

Saturday Morning - This morning there was lots to get through but I thought it was a great programme with plenty of variety. There were a couple of tricky new pieces and some old favourites which it was great to sing again.

Saturday Afternoon -We went for an adventure—scrambling over the cliffs near the sea in the blazing sunshine. Having managed not to get cut off by the tide we went back to the church for a quick run-through.

Some of the adventures the choir gets upto on a weekend off

 Saturday Evening - Most of the church turned up for a bring and share dinner before the concert. The concert went really well and I am still feeling a buzz. The audience loved it and it was great to share in this joyful occasion together. Off for a celebratory drink…

The British Methodist Youth Choir in Concert

 Sunday Morning - We joined in with the morning service, singing a couple of pieces. We had lunch together, said farewell and then began our journeys home. I’m looking forward to next weekend already...